Hardening Facility :

Presently we possess latest  Induction Hardening facilities. With our past experience & additional requirements for the Induction Hardening process, we are developing with our own design an Induction Hardening facility which will be totally CNC. Presently our production turnover is highly competitive, with the increasing demand , we are working on the  our production and  increasing it by more than  50%.

Grinding Facility:

We have a very good setup for machining and finishing of crankshaft. We have  CNC grinders. Connecting pin grinding critical area of crankshaft manufacturing is been ground on sophisticated CNC pin grinder which is of foreign make. We have the latest CNC grinders operating systems which help in controlling the process within control, Surface finish achieved after grinding is excellent. We have a very highly skilled work force those who know the criticality's how it is to be done and where the product is been used.

Turning Facility:

Crankshafts are manufactured using both Conventional & latest techniques. Crankshafts are considered complex parts to be manufactured, but developed using a simple Center Lathe. The machining process is controlled using the human skill. With the change in technology, systems have changed to CNC Turning Center's with the latest Maximatic machines from England.

SPMS Facility:

We have special Horizontal Oil Holes Machines for Crankshaft machining operations which are Auto Tech make from England.

R&D /Quality Policy